Top 5 Most Reliable Lending Banks in Sweden

Most banks in many countries, including Sweden, give loans, but you have to go for the best banks if you want to get better loans with low-interest rates.

There are many things to consider when deciding on the financial institution to go for a loan in Sweden; a reason why you need to read Swedish online reviews to find user opinions. A bank’s interest rate is the first thing that should be considered; get away from any bank that inflates its rate whenever they give you a loan. Their interest rates, repayment plans, and the accessibility of a loan should also play a major role in your decision-making.

Below, you will learn about different banks or financial institutions in Sweden where you can get loans with low-interest rates and better repayment plans.

1. Svenska Handelsbanken AB

Svenska Handelsbanken AB is one of the oldest banks in Sweden and started its operations in 1871; it has grown to become one of the best lending banks within the Swedish community. Loan reviews in Sweden show that these banks have different loan packages available for their customers, ranging from small businesses to large organizations.

The bank works in more than 20 countries and has over 12,000 employees; it offers many services to its customers, such as financing for investments, private loans, and insurance payments.

2. Forex Bank AB

Forex Bank AB is a well-known bank in Sweden because of its different lending solutions to customers. The different packages it offers make it possible for individuals and big companies to use its services.

For instance, if you are buying a house in Sweden and you need a loan to complete the physical cash you have, you can go to Forex Bank AB to get the loan as quickly as possible. It offers other services such as buying and selling currencies, cards, payment services, and an online banking platform.

3. Ikano Bank

Ikano bank is a lending service provider established in 1988 and is owned by the Kamprad family to provide different kinds of banking solutions to consumers.

They offer many kinds of loans for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations; they also come with low-interest rates and better repayment options.

4. Resursbank

Resursbank has been in operation since 1977, and it has been offering different types of payment and loan services to its customers; this applies to both Swedish and non-Swedish customers.

It offers retail banking solutions to customers and other services such as savings and deposit accounts, insurance services, and online purchases.

5. Nordea Bank

Nordea bank has its headquarters in Stockholm and is one of the largest financial service providers in the country. It offers a wide range of financial services to customers.

It majors in banking and lending — Individuals and organizations can meet with banks to provide different loan packages for different scenarios.


It is very easy to find a lending solution for any kind of loan, but it is much harder to find one that is reliable and has favorable terms and conditions. Above, you will find different kinds of lending service providers that are efficient and effective such as Ikano bank, Svenska Handelsbanken AB, and Resursbank.

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