The Art of Justifying the Weaknesses of a CV

While applying for a job, the curriculum vitae must attract the recruiter with both its layout and content. So, if it has one or more periods of inactivity, you should find a way to talk about and to avoid highlighting what they might suggest as negative at the same time. Discover here the best tips to make your weak points your best assets in your CV.

Choose the most Adapted CV Template

When you create a CV, especially if it has holes, the first step and the most important thing to do is to pick the right CV template and layout. Opt for a thematic resume in order to hide inactive periods while showcasing your greatest skills. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to use a quality online CV creator. Make sure to choose a reliable specialized website that proposes this type of resume. Pay also attention to details like the font size and colors. The goal is to create an original and attractive CV, not a too fancy or an extravagant one.

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If your Diploma is not in Great Demand

This can be a handicap if you are a job starter. If the recruiter mentions the weakness of your degree during the interview, highlight the experiences you have made in compensation. Show that you have proven yourself and can adapt quickly to a new work environment. Also show your motivation and explain that things may have been more difficult for you than for those who had the required diploma but you still managed to reach the same goal.

Intended Periods of Inactivity are Moments of Enrichment

Did you spent a sabbatical year in order to travel around the world? Did you carry out a project that you particularly cared about? Humanitarian or association missions are generally well received and it will be fairly easy for you to talk about the skills you have acquired during those holes. Furthermore, long parental leave is more difficult to justify, especially for men. Indicate it with a formula like “2015-2020: period devoted to the education of my children (now aged). If asked about this period, show that you stayed in touch with your industry and your profession.

How to Deal with a Long Period of Unemployment in a CV?

Employers know that it has become difficult to find a job, and that it can lead to long periods of unemployment. On the other hand, you can detail the activities that you carried out during your unemployment spell, or the research techniques that you learned as well as the skills and the experiences that you gained thanks to them.

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